Chicken Island

The island that looks like a chicken.

It is named for its unique ‘chicken’s head’ rock formation. It’s a popular island to visit for it’s long sandy beach and views of the surrounding tropical islands.

chicken island unique rock column that looks like a chicken's head

Beaches and Swimming

At the Southern end of the island there’s a sandy beach and some shady rocks with great views to Poda Island and the coastline around Ao Nang, from Phra Nang Beach to Nopphrat Thara Beach.

From here you can also see Tup Island a short distance away, when the tide is low you can walk to Tup Island on a 200 metre long sand bar. This area is called Thale Waek which means divided sea. Which is clear to see when the tide is low.

There is a long sandy beach on the West side of the island, also with great views and easy swimming close to the beach. Do not swim far from the beach as the tidal currents can be very strong.

At high tide there is not much sand exposed here.

If you are on a private boat you can ask the driver to take you around the island. There is a small bay and beach at the North end too.

chicken island rising from blue seas on a clear day


The Southern Beach has a small local restaurant where you can get some simple cooked food and refreshments.

National Parks

Chicken Island is part of the Nopphara Thara National Marine Park so there is often park rangers on duty here and at Tup Island. The rangers ensure the beaches and islands are kept clean and safe.

Environment & Wildlife

Chicken Island is formed by a great limestone karst the centre is high cliffs and not accessible. There are many trees and natural vegetation providing homes for many bird species including the Asian Hornbill. Giant fruit bats also roost here, hanging from the trees during the day. Soon after sunset you may see dozens of them flying to the mainland to look for food at night.

View of Poda Island and Tup Island from Chicken Island beach

Transport Getting To Chicken Island

You can visit by hiring a private boat or by taking an organised tour.

Hire a Longtail Boat

Longtail Boats can be hired from all the main towns and beaches.

Charter A Private Boat

For a day out on a private speed boat or longtail boat see our information page on boat charter around Krabi.

Visit Chicken Island on an Organised Tour

If you’d like an organised full day out to visit Chicken Island and a few of the best local beaches and islands then check-out our Four Island Tour.
It’s always a very popular trip, you will visit Chicken Island, Poda Island, Tup Island and Phra Nang Beach.
Included with the tours are refreshments, lunch and snorkelling gear.

Our organised tours will always try to be at Chicken Island at the right time on the tides so you can enjoy the sand bar and see Thale Waek the Divided Sea.

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Where is Chicken Island Beach?

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