Hong Island

Two beaches, a nature trail and the enclosed lagoon and that’s not all for this stunning Krabi destination.

A day trip to Hong Island should be on every visitor’s to-do list.

hong island the bay and the beach

Journey to Hong Island

Hong Island or Koh Hong “เกาะห้อง” is easily accessible by local longtail boat or by speed boat from Krabi’s coastline around Ao Nang and Khlong Muang Beach. Also from Koh Yao Yai and Koh Yao Noi and other areas of Phang Nga.

The main features of Koh Hong are the beaches and the flooded centre of the island which can be visited by small boats and kayaks. There is also a signposted nature trail which runs at the base of the cliff behind the Ranger’s station and the beach.

National Parks Facilities

Koh Hong is part of the Tharn Bok Khorani National Park. There is a National Park’s Ranger station here. The Rangers care for the island’s natural environment and the wildlife. The Rangers Station includes public toilet facilities a small restaurant and a shady seating area.

hong island swimming in the bay


When your boat arrives at Koh Hong it will moor on the long beach on the West Side of the island. There is a floating dock for boats here so they do not have to moor on the sand.

From this West beach there are nice views back to Krabi’s coast and where the vegetation borders the sand there’s some shady places to sit and enjoy scenery.

If you turn right on the beach and walk East you will follow the sand past the Rangers Station and emerge on the edge of a beautiful horseshoe shaped bay. The water is mostly enclsed by limestone walls so there’s no waves on the this long curving sandy beach.

This beach is also backed by small trees and vegetation so there’s always shade from the hot afternoon sun. The bay is dramatic with soft white coral sand, high cliffs around two sides, a wide almost circular area of calm shallow water and trees and native shrubs providing shade and a soft green edge.

Nature Trail

Behind this beach is a maintained nature trail with signposts and information boards. You can find access to the trail behind the Ranger’s station. The path follows the base of the cliff through the native coastal plants. You will see and hear many birds, often colourful butterflies and the dramatic cliff face of limestone overhangs the path in some places.


Swimming on both beaches is safe as the water is shallow and calm all around. Especially calm is the water in the horseshoe bay.
If you swim out from the shore on the Eastern beach you must keep a look out for boats arriving and departing.

Do not feed the fish

In the horseshoe bay you are likely to see some tropical fish. Typically they are a damsel fish they are quite colourful and tot too timid. Do not feed these fish. It has been popular to feed fish in this area and it has led to this Damsel fish species becoming dominant and over popular at the expense of other species.

Hong Island Lagoon

The spectacular feature that gives the island it’s name is the flooded centre of the island

In Thai “hong” (ห้อง) means “room” as in a room in a house.

The centre of Hong Island has collapsed due to erosion of the limestone.

Fortunately a small section of the edge of the island eroded too so there is a door to this room – only a few metres wide but wide enough for a small boat. The sides of the door tower above as you pass through into the bright roofless centre. Filled with water and surrounded by high cliff walls, the hong echoes with sounds of visitors and native birds. Mangrove trees grow along one edge. The Hong Island Lagoon  is a natural spectacle that you must see.

Hong Island lagoon entrance

Kayak Around Hong Island

There are kayaks to rent a Hong Island so that you can paddle yourself around and visit the lagoon in a very peaceful way.

If you want to kayak and want to be sure of arrangements check when you book with the company that is taking you to Hong Island.

Around Hong Island

In this area of Phang Nga Bay there are many islands. The other popular islands to visit are; Lao Lading Island and Pak Bia Island.

To see all the best beaches and islands in this area you can hire a private boat or join an organised day tour.


Hong Island is not a destination on any public transport route. The only ways to get here are on an organised tour or on a private rented boat.

See details of an organised day tour to Hong Island.

See our information page on private boat rental.

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