James Bond Island

There’s a distinctive limestone karst in Phang Nga bay.
Known locally as Koh Tapu (เกาะตะปู “Nail Island”).
In 1974 it was prominently featured in the James Bond film “The Man With The Golden Gun“. The island was the hideout of Mr Bond’s adversary, Scaramanga and since then it has been called “James Bond Island”.

Tour James Bond Island

Trips to the island are typically by the local style longtail boats or by speedboat. The journeys around this part of Phang Nga bay are spectacular, there are many un-inhabited islands and large areas of mangrove forest, the views are all backed by the large limestone karsts.

You can’t visit the island itself as this limestone rock rises out of the water and overhangs on all sides, there is no beach and sadly no mirrored shooting gallery but you do get great views of the island and surrounding bays from Koh Khao Ping Gan (เกาะเขาพิงกัน “Leaning Cliffs Island”).

Koh Khao Ping Gan has a small bay and a sandy beach and there are maintained walkways so you can safely reach great viewpoints for you to pose for your James Bond re-enactment photos. There is also a spectacular sheer-sided split in a cliff wall on this island. It is very high and wide at the bottom so you can walk inside.

National Park

These islands and the surrounding area are in Phang Nga Bay National Park and there is a park ranger’s station on Koh Khao Ping Gan.

The Area Around James Bond Island

Close by to James Bond Island is the floating village on Koh Panyi (เกาะปันหยี) you can also visit here on a day tour to James Bond Island.

It is easy for you to visit this beautiful area of Phang Nga Bay from Phuket and from Krabi.

Join In Day Tours

On a day tour there are a number of itineraries which you can choose from.

For top quality tour details follow these links;
James Bond Island from Phuket
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Alternatively take a Private Tour

Private Speed Boats Tours are available to James Bond Island from Krabi and Phuket.

Where is James Bond Island?

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