Kayaking Trips

Kayaking in Krabi is a great way to see nature in some serene locations.

There’s opportunities for absolute beginners and experienced kayakers; paddle calm seas to un-inhabited islands, explore mangrove forests or gently cruise where the river takes you.

When you need some exercise take a day out on the water.kayaking at ao thalane

The most popular areas for kayaking tours are Ao Thalane about 25kms North of Ao Nang and Bor Thor about 40kms North of Ao Nangnear to the town of Ao Luek.

At both of these locations your kayaking tour takes you through beautiful mangrove forest. Here you have good chances to see some of Thailand’s wildlife. There’s plenty of bird varieties, especially kingfishers, also monkeys (long-tailed macaques) hanging around in the trees.

Ao Thalane

The highlight of the Ao Thalane tour is the canyon. Thalane Bay contains a large area of mangrove forest which surrounds a few large limestone karsts. There’s a waterway which takes you through a canyon on either side towering limestone cliffs hanging with vegetation.

Bor Thor

At Bor Thor your guide can take you to islands in the mangrove forest where kayak tours in krabiarchaeologists have been investigating remains of ancient human bones and evidence of early human settlement including some very distinctive cave paintings.

Kayaking at Ao Thalane and Bor Thor is suitable for anyone. The waterways are sheltered from the wind and waves and there’s no need to rush. The experienced guides give tuition on how to handle the kayaks and if you want a bit of extra help tandem kayaks are mostly used so your guide can come with you and do a good share of the paddling.

Krabi Mangrove Forest

Another kayaking location is the mangrove forest close  Krabi Town. This area is not frequented as much by tour groups but guides and kayak rental are available. If you are looking for peace and tranquillity and perhaps a bit more independence from tours then this is a great place to go, you kayak in mangrove forestget some gentle exercise too.

River Kayaking

Tucked away in rural Krabi there’s a couple of places you can jump on a kayak and get pulled along by gently flowing streams. There’s not much paddling to do just steer your way through some Thailand countryside.

If you are looking for something to do to fill half a day or you want a full day out and you need a break from the beach contact MiiTiiNii and we will find the right tours and activities for you.

Kayak the Andaman Sea

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