Holiday Homes

For your holiday or long term stay choose from our portfolio of property to rent.



Mii Tii Nii has a large portfolio of accommodation so you can find the perfect place to stay.

Choose from small bungalows, family homes and luxury villas.

Short term holiday lets and long term stays available.

Contact us with all your requirements.

Pricing Information

About Our Prices

Displayed Prices

We show prices for tours and trips here on the website because we want you to be able to see this important information up-front.

The prices we show are the prices published by the tour operators for the activities. We show the price for one adult, unless we indicate otherwise.

Most of the tour operators have a reduced price for children.

Package Prices

At Mii Tii Nii we specialise in holiday packages and special events, we work hard to offer great value packages when you book multiple trips, group events and packages including trips, transport and accommodation.

Contact us at anytime for quotations.

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