The Jungle & Town Tour – Krabi

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The Krabi Jungle and Town Tour.
A guided to tour to some beautiful features in Krabi town and Krabi province.
A one day trip. Take a walk around preserved lowland rainforest in a National Park and swim and relax under a natural hot spring waterfall.

A very popular tour around the province of Krabi.

Enjoy nature trails to swimming in natural jungle pools and hot springs. Take a trip in a traditional longtail boat to limestone karsts the distinctive natural features of Krabi.

The Jungle & Town Tour outline;

  • Pick-up from your hotel.
  • Transfer to the “Hot Spring Waterfall” [นำ้ตกร้อน naam tok ron].
    • A short walk to a natural waterfall of hot water cascading into a cool stream.
    • Get refreshed and relaxed in this natural spa which is good for your health.
  • Transfer to the “Emerald Pool” [สระมรกต sa maw raa got].
    • A walking trail following a natural stream through one of the best preserved areas of Krabi’s lowland rainforest.
    • The stream forms pools along it’s path where the water appears to be translucent shimmering blue and green due to minerals in the water.
    • The first and largest pool is suitable for swimming.
  • Transfer to “Khao Kanap Nam” [เขาขนาบนำ้ khao kanap nam] the distinctive karsts , symbols of Krabi Town.
    • Travel by traditional longtail boat on Krabi River to the limestone outcrops.
    • Visit the large open cave inside the larger karst.
    • See the mangrove forest environment and wildlife on Krabi River.
  • Return to your hotel.

The Jungle & Temple Tour includes;

  • English Speaking Tour Guide.

Food and Refreshments;

  • Drinking Water and soft drinks throughout the day;
    Fresh Fruit;
    Lunch – Thai style.


  • Pick-up and return to your hotel.

Fees and Insurance;

  • Tour Insurance.

logo of thailand department of national parks and wildlife conservationThailand National Parks

Some of the locations on this tour are in a Thailand National Park.

The current National Park visitors entrance fee is not included in the price of this tour.

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