Phra Nang Beach

The spectacular Phra Nang beach on the Railay Peninsular.

an aerial view of phra nang bay, beach and cliffs

Also called Phra Nang Cave Beach it is featured in many travel brochures and advertising for holidays in Thailand and is often listed as one of the best beaches in the World.

The combination of the fine sand, the colour of the sea and the backdrop of jungle covered karsts makes this bay amazingly picturesque.

Around 400 metres long, the beach is of very fine white coral sand, the water remains shallow for a long distance so it is also safe for swimming.

There is some development by the highly regarded 5 star Rayavadee Resort but it is all fronted by vegetation and not really visible when you are on the sand.

The Princess Cave

a beach cave with many offerings of carved wooden lingams

The towering cliffs at both ends of Phra Nang beach are very distinctive and at the base of the cliff at the Southern end is a large cave which is revered by the local people.

Known as the Princess Cave the locals offer lingams here to the female spirit of fertility. When you visit please respect this place as it has significant spiritual meaning.

There are a few stories offered as the myth of The Princess Cave but the significance of this place to the locals is un-disputed.

The Myths

Some say the cave was the home of a woman who became a widow when her fisherman (or pirate?) husband went to sea one day and never returned. She became respected as a seer or a ‘witch’ and when she died her spirit remained.

An alternative story is that a ship from India wrecked along this coast. An Indian Princess was a passenger on the ship, she died as the ship broke up and her spirit remained in this cave.

Whichever story is believed, offerings are given to the female spirit in return for fertility, virility and good luck.

view of a sandy beach backed by high cliffs in tropical thailand


Getting to and from Phra Nang Beach

  • From Ao Nang buy a ticket from one of the longtail boat kiosks on the beach front, the boats will often stop first at Tonsai Bay and Railay Bay West.
  • From Krabi Town either take a song taew to Ao Nang and get a boat from Ao Nang beach or you can take a longtail boat from Chao Fa Pier if the weather is good for a longer journey by sea.
  • From Ao Nammao buy a ticket at the boat jetty.

During West Coast Monsoon season (June – October) boats will not always run from Ao Nang because of onshore winds and high waves. At these times you need to get to Ao Nammao and take a boat from there. From Ao Nang there are regular public song taew pick-ups to Ao Nammao every day, all year.

The boats from Krabi Town, Chao Fa Pier and from Ao Nammao will take you to Railay Bay East.

phra-nang beach

Find out more about the bays of Railay and Tonsai beach on the Railay Peninsular.

Private Boat Charter

Going out for a day with friends and family in your own private longtail boat or speed boat is a great experience.

For more details see our information page on private boat rental in Krabi.

Organised Tours

There’s a few organised tours which visit the Phra Nang Beach and the Railay Peninsula.

The Four Island Tour

The ever popular Four Island Tour will visit Phra Nang Beach, Poda Island, Tup Island and Chicken Island.

Sunset Cruises

There are some great sunset cruise tours along the coast of Ao Nang and Railay.

Contact Us for the up to date information on Sunset Cruises.

Climbing Tours and Instruction

A trip with a climbing instructor will take you to a few spots around the the Railay Peninsular and Phra Nang Beach, you’ll have the bonus of seeing even more awesome views from high above the beach.

More about climbing tours here.

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