Private Boat Rental – Krabi

With a private boat rental you can see the best and the less visited of the beaches and islands at anytime you like.

From most areas of Krabi’s coast it’s possible to rent a speedboat or longtail boat with a captain and crew.

With so many beaches and islands to choose from a day with a private boat can be the best day of your holiday.

young thai giral on a longtail boat

The benefits of private boat rental

You can choose your timetable and destinations for the day.

If you start early you can get to the popular places before any other tours and enjoy the amazing natural locations in peace. Or start later in the morning and leisurely hang around until after the other boats have left, enjoy the sunset as you cruise home at the end of the day.

With a private boat charter you can choose your own route and visit islands that other tours don’t go to. You can have a day visiting many locations or simply spend more time at a favourite place.


Many boat operators also have additional options for private charter such as fishing rods and tackle and BBQ equipment.

You can order special food or take your own.

Most private boat rentals are happy to provide food and drinks at your request or you can take your own. Arrange a Picnic or BBQ on your private island, it’s a great day out.

With a few people it is also quite an economical day out.

view from the back of a two engine speedboat leaving railay beach krabi

Choose a Private Speedboat or a Longtail Boat

Your choice of boat type will depend upon a few factors;

Your destinations, where do you want to visit?

If you want to visit places which are a long way from the coast then a speedboat is highly recommended for safety and reliability and for speed.

For instance from Ao Nang to Chicken island is a short trip and easily accomplished in a longtail but to visit Bamboo Island or the Phi Phi Islands then only consider taking a speedboat as the distance is much greater and there is time spent in open sea where there are no islands to shelter by if the wind and waves suddenly become strong.

How many places you want to visit?

Speed boats travel faster so you will spend less time travelling and more time relaxing on islands if you take a speedboat. This is an important consideration if your plan for the rental involves travelling to many destinations.

longtail boat and speed boat at Hong Island in the lagoon

How many people on the boat?

A typical longtail boat can safely and comfortably take 8 adult passengers. Speedboats typically take up to 15 passengers in a small boat, up to 25 passengers in a large boat.

How soon do you want to go?

Speed boat rentals should be booked in advance, at least 12 hours notice. The speed boat operator will want to ensure all maintenance checks are done and the fuel and water supplies are more than adequate before any trip departs.

Longtail boat hire should be done in advance but you will also be able to find boats for hire immediately in all the major coastal centres in Krabi; especially Koh Lanta, Ao Nang and Tonsai Town on Phi Phi Don. Enquire along the beaches and you are likely to find someone that will take you out straight away.

Your budget.

Longtail boats are cheaper to rent. They are a much more basic boat and normally crewed just by the captain, sometimes he has an assistant.

Speedboats are more expensive boats, there is typically a captain and 1 or 2 crew members to assist him and you. Some speedboats have a small toilet on board.

Speedboats can travel further and faster, they use more fuel than longtail boats. It is the fuel cost that makes up a large portion of the rental pricing.

a traditional longtail boat taking customers between islands in krabi

Check for your comfort and safety

We always recommend making a booking through a registered and insured travel company with a good reputation.

If you make a quick decision and you want to hire a boat from the beach then please make a few checks before you set-off;

  • Find a Captain you can communicate with.
  • You need to be sure that you can communicate where you want to go and set the price before you board the boat.
  • Have a look at the boat before making a decision. Ensure the boat looks clean and sea-worthy.
  • You must check there are good condition life jackets available to fit all of the people in your group.
  • Don’t go if the boat does not have a shade roof as the sun will be very strong.
  • Make sure you have enough to drink. The boat Captain might provide some fresh fruit and some drinking water please check and take extra food and drinks if you are not sure.
  • On all tours take a hat, sun cream and clothing for swimming and for protecting you from the sun.

interior view of a 2 engine speedboat for rent

Big Boats

large boats for charter in krabi celebrations and cruising

As well as speedboats and longtail boats ‘big boats’ and sailing yachts are also available for deep water fishing trips and very special occasions.

Arrangements can be made for party catering and decoration too.

For all information and advice on boat rental and charter in Krabi Contact Us.

interior of a luxury sailing yacht

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