Rock Climbing – Krabi

Rock climbing around Krabi is a popular activity. Climbers travel from all around the world to climb the high karsts of this region.

The cliffs on the Railay Peninsular have some of the best known climbing routes and the views from the top are worth the climb up to see.

There are established climbing schools in Ao Nang and all around Railay and Tonsai beach. The schools have experienced guides and instructors and they have all the gear available to take you to new heights on these amazing rock faces.

a climber ties rope to their climbing harness

 Try Climbing

If you have never climbed before but would like to try it you can go on an introductory day with an experienced instructor.

You will be supplied with climbing shoes and a harness and shown the basics including; knots, belaying, climbing and rappelling.

You will be amazed at what you can achieve and by the beautiful views you get looking across the beaches and bays from high on a cliff.

a mn rock climbs near railay bay krabi

Climbing Courses

More advanced courses are available if you have some experience already or if you ‘get hooked’ while you are here.

The courses will range in duration from one day to three days, or more.

Climbing Guides

The schools also cater for experienced climbers who want to try out new routes and certain categories of climbs. Experienced guides can take you to the climbs that will challenge you and make sure you have a satisfying climbing experience in Krabi.

view from cliffs above jungle and bay with a sandy beach


Climbing is an activity with some risks. We recommend taking your time by researching and visiting climbing schools before signing-up for a course.

We can recommend established climbing schools with good reputations who are very safety conscious and provide a high level of service.

view of the cliffs behind tonsai bay and railay beach

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