Thai Food

Thailand produces probably the most popular food in the World. There are Thai restaurants in the major cities of every country.

When you are holidaying in Thailand you will have to try a variety of new foods and tastes.

MiiTiiNii has the best recommendations for you, local specialities, the best classical recipes, romantic restaurants and busy street stalls.

Thailand’s food is often spicy but not all recipes are hot!  We can tell you what to try and what to avoid if your tolerance to chilli is not high.

We can take you on tours of local markets and explore the new fruits, vegetables and spices.

We can teach you how to cook Thai food or arrange a chef to cook for you in your private villa.

We can explain the source of many of the popular Thai dishes. Each region in Thailand has it’s own specialities. The South is known for yellow curry, mussaman and penang curries and a few more that you may have to search out in restaurants ‘where the locals eat’.

MiiTiiNii can make a holiday of Thai cuisine just for you, contact us now.


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